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Mekasmith provides expert software and hardware development services to help bring your imagination to life. Our developers have a proven track record of turning complex ideas into capital-efficient software.

With available 24/hr support service, your team can sleep safe knowing your systems are always online. In times of urgency, Mekasmith provides reliable scalability with all services performed in-house with our Tokyo-based team. Our trusted solutions are relied on by zero-failure emergency systems across Japan, so you know you are in good hands. Contact us today to find out how Mekasmith can help you grow your business and provide the trusted support into the future.

Mighty Hardware & Intelligent Software

Connecting Your


With in-house hardware prototype production, we can get your ideas built and coded without crossing borders. Our small team of electrical engineers, 3D product designers, and software developers work together under one roof to solve challenging issues faster and efficiently.

Our Specialties

Create low-cost internet-connected devices, from PCB to stocked shelves across the globe.

Prototype instantly with our in-house low volume 3D printing. Work closely with our product designers and get the results you need quickly.

Develop machine learning devices equipped with computer vision abilities such as object detection, tracking, face detection, multi-language text recognition, image labeling, pose, and more.

Build vehicle data collection systems and software for determining safe autonomous vehicle routing in congested road networks.

Create real-time streaming video systems that integrate with any device.

Build geolocation and real-time tracking systems that use high-speed geospatial queries and advance custom mapping solutions.

Engineer cross-device applications for iOS, Android, Windows, Mac, Linux, and your browser.

Develop complex payment solutions, including secure data standards and international compliances such as PCI, PSD2, SCA, and more.

Architect your system for infinite scalability and readily available services using AWS, Google Cloud, or Azure.

Certified Master Developers

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Market & Enterprise Applications

iOS & Android


Building an app doesn't need to be so complicated and painful. Carefully crafted, we help bring your vision to life on time while staying budget-conscious. With brilliant design and elegant code, it's easy to understand why our first-time customers return as lifetime partners.

Windows | PS5 | Xbox | Switch

Game Development


Innovating some of the earliest forms of cross-platform in-game item marketplaces, Mekasmith has always been the innovator of gaming tech. Chronos, our machine learning human interfacing system, is our next big step in the gaming industry. Cross the borders translating simple controller inputs to meaningful real-life environment interactions.

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Engineering Autonomy

Autonomous Mobility


As leading Machine Vision and Artificial Intelligence experts, we strive to create a future of fully automated L5 vehicle technology. With the significant advancements of robotics and manufacturing each year, our solutions can push the boundaries of what's possible by building autonomy for all, made right in Japan. Will you join us on this journey and vision of a safer, more connected world?

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